Just A Few Steps Implemented To Prevent Tick Infestations

No less than four steps have been put together by the pest control technicians. This will form part of the tick prevention hickory program. Similar programs will be put in place for the eradication, control and/or prevention of other pestilential insects like fleas and mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are pretty bad this time of the year if it happens to be summer out your way. They would normally use nearby water streams or canals to breed.

But there’s usually a presence of water on residential properties which suit the breeding process of mosquitoes. Ticks might not mind any time of the year just as long as there’s animals around. Animals are easy prey for the ticks because their legs are short and their abdomens and backs will be fairly close to the ground. So it’s very easy for ticks to jump the animals. Not so easy the human occupants.

That’s not a challenge for mosquitoes because they, of course, can fly. Most cockroach species won’t bite (there are those that do but you would not normally experience more than a light scratch) but they won’t mind. They won’t mind just as long as you’ve left food lying about and haven’t bothered with your housekeeping for a while. Which brings you back to the ticks. There need be no animals on the premises because ticks can get by in dirt.

tick prevention hickory

First step entails identifying the problem. A second step takes in a full inspection of the premises. The next step is crucial because this is when the treatment will be applied. The final step entails repeat inspections of the premises. This should form part of the pest control’s guarantee because he can use his inspection to make sure the pests don’t return.